50,000 thanks!

Writing this lines during my winter holiday, the first thing coming to mind is that 2021 has been a difficult year. But you already know that. Many challenges impacting billions of people, both on professional and personal planes. I feel incredibly lucky for working in an industry that hasn’t been hit by the pandemic.

There are still reasons that I am thankful for the year 2021, in spite of all its challenges. One of them is you, dear readers. I started this blog some years ago to help IT professionals with advanced IT challenges. My goal has always been “no blog without code” (hence the companion Github repository where I publish most of the Azure CLI scripts that go with my latest posts). The subjects I cover here are often not exactly “trending topics”, like BGP. That is why I am so amazed, humbled and grateful of having achieved the 50,000 views mark in 2021.

50,000 views in 2021!

Thanks for reading this blog, thanks for posting comments and questions, and thanks for suggesting topics for new articles! With that being said, I wish you and your loved ones an uneventful 2022, and that in 12 months from now we will still have lots of things to be grateful for!

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