Azure RedHat Openshift and Hybrid Networking

Hey there! As you might have read, some time ago I wrote a pretty detailed “A day in the life of a packet” post series on how networking works in detail in Azure RedHat Openshift (ARO). Some of the feedback around those blog posts was that they are far too technical, and hard to read for the casual administrator that wants to have an overview of networking requirements, but not necessarily of how to inspect the heck out of an openshift cluster.

To that purpose I recorded a video with the invaluable help of my friend Lyle Dodge (@lyledodge) on a canonical example of a hybrid implementation of an ARO cluster in a Vitual Network connected via VPN to on-premises, where we briefly touch on aspects such as routing or DNS resolution:

Hybrid networking with ARO clusters

Hope you enjoy it, please let me know if you have ideas for other videos or posts!

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