Tetration analytics, ACI 2.0 and much more!

I have to apologise because of skipping last month’s update, what has led to a massive update today. If you thought that 2 years after ACI’s launch the speed of innovation would decrease, just have a look at all the new stuff below (and I assure you, it is not all of it).

Without any doubt, the most interesting thing is the announcement of a new technology, that I think heralds a new era of the networking industry: Tetration analytics. Why am I so excited about this? Some years ago I used to talk to customers about networking features. In the last 24 months, most discussions have turned to “SDN”, or how to efficiently deploy networks. I think that discussions will shift once more, to network analytics.

But wait, there is another major piece of news here: ACI 2.0 software has been released! If some dubbed last 1.2 version as ACI’s come out of age due to the big improvements in operability, this release takes ACI’s maturity yet another step forward. Amongst many other new things, increasing the flexibility of multi-DC deployments or the integration with the WAN, and streamlining even more ACI operation tasks for vSphere admins with the new ACI vCenter plug-in.

But enough chat, here you have the usual list of items and links, so that you get a quick idea of what has been going on in the ACI and Nexus 9000 area in the past 8 weeks:

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